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  • Why you need a niche and a "proof of concept" to be successful
  • The secret weapon of ALL 7-figure coaches & consultants
  • The simple two-step funnel to get high ticket clients
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About Sam Ovens

Sam Ovens started completely broke working out of his parents garage in New Zealand and in four short years built a wildly profitable consulting business, moved to Manhattan and made Forbes 30 Under 30 with a net worth of $65,000,000.

This free training class cuts right to the chase and reveals exactly how Sam was able to start and grow his consulting business and how you can do the same.

Sam is the founder of, an e-learning company that helps everyday people start their own consulting businesses with proven methods. He's helped thousands of people start successful consulting businesses and find high paying clients.

Sam usually charges a hefty hourly rate to work with clients but this training reveals the exact same methods to you for FREE! Register now before we take it offline.

Here's what people are saying

  • NFL athlete quadruples his consulting business

    "This training changed my life and allowed me to change the lives of many others". Olaniyi Sobomehin
  • Binge eating recovery consultant has crazy growth

    "After applying these methods my business six times itself and I hired an employee". Brittany Brown
  • Porn addiction consultant makes 6-figures

    "Sam completely opened my eyes and told what I needed to hear, which was the truth.". Hunter Otis
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