What began as a struggle

Sam followed the "traditional path". He went to college and got a corporate job. His whole life everybody told him that this was success but he didn’t feel successful. He thought "Is this really it? Is this what the rest of my life is going to be like?"

Sam wondered what he’d done wrong, his whole life he followed the traditional advice but he didn’t feel successful and neither did anybody else that he knew working 9-5 jobs. That was the first time Sam questioned the "traditional advice". Could it be wrong? What if there was a better way?

Became an idea

Faced with the reality that the traditional path and common advice wasn’t all it was made out to be Sam started looking for alternative ways to make a living instead of having a job. Sam quit his 9-5 job and moved back home with his parents into the garage to start his own consulting business.

After a rocky start Sam saw a new model of consulting where service delivery was leveraged, price was set on value and differentiation was established by focusing on market needs. Sam’s new model of consulting took off and he grew to $20 million in 5 years.

Which struck a nerve

It was obvious that Sam wasn’t alone in his disappointment in the traditional path and common advice. Thousands of people from all over the world started requesting training from Sam so that they could do the same.

Sam moved out of his parents garage in New Zealand to Manhattan and decided to send the elevator back down to help as many people as he possibly could using his new method of consulting. Sam rolled his knowledge into three training programs to spread the message to everybody regardless of location, background, education or income.

And became a movement

In 2017 Sam realized that he had started a movement that was bigger than himself. He started a new company and acquired the domain’s training programs and methodologies revolutionised the consulting industry. They give everyday people the ability to achieve extraordinary things usually outside of their reach.

Since 2011 we’ve created 21 Millionaires, 451 6-Figured earners and helped over 10,000 people start their own consulting businesses. The best part is that we’re just getting started!