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  • Level: Making Money
  • Niche: Local services
  • Location: Smoot, WY, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Jared found the Consulting Accelerator to be helpful with what he has gone through. He has been able to land a couple of clients to run advertising campaigns for and he would recommend the program.


Hey guys, Jared here in Wyoming. A little bit about me, and just kind of talk to you a little bit about Sam's course. I worked up in North Dakota for about four or five years up in the oil patch, and the last ... anyways, things got slow, slowed down, work kind of shut off, and so decided to leave North Dakota, come back to Wyoming where I grew up, and came across Sam's course, decided to take it. It's been good. I feel like he lays things out pretty clearly on the steps that you need to take and just the process of how to start running ads for other people, and how to do it effectively. When I came back to Wyoming, just kind of been doing odd jobs, and I'm still doing the odd jobs now. I haven't really been taking Sam's course all that super long, but like I said it's been good, and I'm actually got a couple of companies that I'm going to be start running ads for here, probably in the next week or two, pretty shortly. One is a local garbage company, and the other does carpet cleaning and disaster restoration, cleanup, if your house floods, things like that. Anyways, I'd recommend it. I feel like you learn a lot, and that he just does a great job on kind of laying things out for you. Anyways yeah, I'd recommend it, check it out.