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  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Local Business
  • Location: Wilmington, CA, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Steven was looking to find a way to work off of his computer. He joined Consulting Accelerator and has learned tons and has a whole lot to look forward to.


This is Steve from LA, Steve from LA., and just wanted to talk about how life was before Sam Ovens consulting course. I didn't have a whole lot to look forward to. My wife had gotten ill and she couldn't work for a year. I ended up having to stop working so I could take care of her so I figured I'd have to learn how to do another job or learn another skill so I can be able to work out of home, basically work off my computer so I can be able to make money and supply for her needs as well as for our family needs, it's her and me. I have a daughter who she doesn't live with me, but still I got to be able to make ends meet. I have been looking at the internet for opportunities, doing a lot of self development and looking for ways to first of all start learning how to learn about investments. I've never really been around owning a lot of money and so I had a lot to learn. I did that and led me to finding out opportunities how to make money, which led me to this course, although I had to stop parts of the way through, I continue to keep going. What I did learn was just changed my life immensely about the affirmations, about figuring out what my niche market would be. From this point I'm able to look forward to a future at least, and have something to work on to market. It's led me to situation where I have an opportunity to be able to help others. Because I've been able to help others I gained an opportunity to move out of living at my father's house with my wife, have basically having a corner of the house that we lived, slept in, basically corner of a living room I should say, and it gave us an opportunity to move in with someone that has a two bedroom apartment that I could live on site and then help with their business using my internet skills and abilities for marketing and consulting services. It's already changed my life situation immensely. I have a whole lot to look forward to. If you're a person in my situation with pretty much starting from ground zero, man this is been, it's been life changing already and I haven't even gotten through the whole thing. I would highly suggest anyone, whether it's my situation or already established or whatnot, the quality of the lessons and the value and content that Sam gives is worth way more than his sticker price on it. Hopefully someone will benefit from this and take advantage of the opportunity and change their lives for the better like I did. Thank you.