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  • Level: 5 Figures
  • Niche: Small business
  • Location: Salisbury East, SA, Australia
  • Consulting Accelerator

Life before Sam's program, Allan had a lot of confidence, but struggled with selling himself. Going through Consulting Accelerator, he was able to start shifting his mindset and landing paying clients.


Hi, I'm Alan Boyle from Adelaide and I've been with Sam's consulting program for a few months now. Life before Sam Ovens program, look, I was great at what I did. I've always been exceptional at my particular role and what I bring to any organization. But, what I really struggled with was selling myself and I've always seemed to struggle with that. Sam's program gave me some tools to really change the mindset that I have, gave me some tools to approach selling a different way and gave me the confidence to get out there and speak to more people in different ways. Spread the word if you like and actually bring people to me, rather than me chasing a lot of clients as well. During the program I found it to be a bit of a tough slug because the nature of what I do, it was difficult for me to pin down exactly what I was trying to say and who I was targeting. But once I managed to knot all that out, I found that it's been quite a great journey, a successful journey. I now find myself with clients across Adelaide in Australia and I'm looking to move abroad, well broader than just Adelaide, but across Australia. After the Accelerating program, well I don't know that you're ever after, it just keeps going, you keep going back and learning more. With Sam bringing out more products, it's really great that we've got this ability to keep feeding information and keep learning. But, more than that, like I said before, the mindset change was fantastic for me and a huge bonus. What I recommend you, take on Sam and his project, his Consulting Accelerator. Absolutely, I recommend it for anyone.