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  • Level: Making Money
  • Niche: Small Business
  • Location: Hong Kong, Hong Kong
  • Consulting Accelerator

Felix came into the program unsure on how to use his skills to make a monthly recurring income. He has learned through the program what he is worth and believes that a strong mindset and dedication is required to be successful. After the Consulting Accelerator he has been able to land paying clients and highly recommends the program to his friends and anybody looking for financial freedom.


Hey. It is Felix Fang from Hong Kong. I'm into a small business development consult. And I work with many small businesses and help them build models and also do business marketing. Before I worked for my day job and compute hours or monthly salary. And I never know how I could use my skill to make a recurring income. Now I have applied it using consulting accelerator program. Which is specifically designed for us. During the process for myself I do have a lot of struggle for my family, because they do concern whether I can achieve from this program and make money out of it. I think it is important you need to have a strong mind-set and dedication and to apply this accelerating, consult accelerating program. After I have gone thought this consulting accelerating costs and quickly apply this method to my clients. I have made several thousand of monthly income from web development, and business consulting. I mainly apply Sam's offers his seven sell script, seven figures sales script program to find my own prospects. Thank you so much Sam Ovens. I highly recommend Sam's office program to my friends, and whoever likes to have their financial freedom. Thank you very much.