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TR has used the teachings he learned from Sam to setup better systems in his business and has streamlined his sales process adding an additional $100,000/month.


Ha. Hey. T.R. Lathrop here with a quick shout-out to my really good friend, Sam Ovens: the business visionary, extraordinary deal-maker over at consulting-dot-com. Now I've never seen anything quite like what Sam's put together for all of us here. But because of working with Sam and his program, my team and I have been able to provide clear and streamlined programs for our clients that provide great results. In fact, I guarantee it. Thank you, Sam. And since we joined, we've been able to generate sales and leads automatically on autopilot, which has really allowed us to go back and take every program that we've ever created and turn it into a true twenty-four hour day, seven day-a-week, lead-generation and sale-type business. And because we've streamlined our efforts on how we do what we do, by the end of this year, we're looking at bringing in an additional hundred thousand per month. That's a big hell yeah and thank you so much, Sam. Now, if you've been looking for a solution that is streamlined, that has no fluff, that's very straightforward and simple to follow -- like A, B, and C -- to automate and systemize your consulting business, you've come to the right place. Now, I already know that you're gonna join. Haha. Sam has a way of putting it so eloquently. And so once you do, do yourself a favor. Hit me up inside our group because I would truly love to hear your success story too. My name's T.R. Lathrop and I'll see you on the inside.