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  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Business Startup
  • Location: Purfleet, Essex, United Kingdom
  • Consulting Accelerator

He worked for several years as a systems analyst before striking out on his own. Prior to finding the Accelerator program, he was very frustrated because there were so many things to consider. The program helped him find clarity and develop the right mindset and skills to get his business off the ground. He quickly got clients. The program is very practical. He knows that the onus is now on him to continue to grow his business to its full potential. You can't go wrong with the program


Hello, my name is Tolu Olafalase, and I'm based in London. Before I joined the program, I worked in IT as a Systems Analyst for a few years and, I had an opportunity to take redundancy and start my own business and go independent. In the initial stages, I was very frustrated and a little bit overwhelmed 'cause it was so much to learn and so many things to consider. Eventually, I came across the Consultant Accelerator program and, I found it amazingly refreshing. It gave me a lot of answers and, confidence. Helped me to develop the right mindset and the skills, the knowledge, the ability to get my business off the ground and, quickly as well, get some clients. I think what I enjoyed most about it during my education with the program, which is still ongoing by the way, is how practical the program is. Very practical, very usable and, the potential is just amazing. Now I know that it's really on me to put in the time and the effort to grow this business to what it potentially can get to and, that's a really big thing for me. I would recommend this program all day, every day to everyone. Anyone who is considering it, I think it's the real deal, it's the full package. You can't go wrong with it. Thank you Sam and the team. Thank you.