4 Rating:
  • Level: Making Money
  • Niche: Community Engagment
  • Location: Palmyra, Virginia, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Gabe was finding that he hit a brick wall with his business and was looking for some help to overcome his problem. He found the program to be mind-opening and has been able to start building cashflow with his business. He encourages others to go through the program if they have something to offer to the world.


Hey guys. It's Gabe Anderson in Charlottesville, Virginia. Just going to give you a quick review of Sam Ovens course. Life before was okay and I own a couple magazines. It's been all right but I definitely hit a brick wall and I wasn't improving in any ways and I knew I could I just needed a little bit of help and Sam Ovens was able to provide that. During the program, I was struggling to just stay consistent with it but it was mind boggling and opening towards a lot of the things I could implement into my own programs ans business and I was able to launch my own consulting practice and it's been doing pretty good right now and I'm excited that I'm actually getting money coming in to my own business as opposed to just being a franchise owner. That's been really exciting. I would recommend that for people who have a desire to go out on their own, launch something of their own where they feel like they can actually improve the world through their own services so definitely check it out and find ways to improve yourself as well as the company you hope to start or that you're currently in.