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  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Independent Retailers
  • Location: Godstone, United Kingdom
  • Consulting Accelerator

Paul describes his life as difficult before joining the program. He started working with Consulting Accelerator and he was able to learn how to run a successful business and gave him the confidence to go for more in his life. He has landed his first client and he is really happy with where he is at.


My name is Paul and I live in the UK. Life before Sam's course, well, it was pretty difficult. I had my own business, it was an IT business. I got myself a loan in order to help progress the business, but it didn't. It failed. I failed. It was difficult and I still have the loan to pay for as well. So, I had to do something in desperation so I looked on the internet and did some research with different companies, different people who offered help, but I came across Sam's website and connected up with the webinar and listened to Sam's story. It really did help me and connected with me. I thought, "Yep, I'll sign up for that." So I did and it really did help. It showed me sort of where I was as a person and as somebody who's trying to work for themselves to do their own business and it gave me confidence to move forward and to do more. So it was a really good thing to do and I'm really glad I did it. Now I'm in the process of helping somebody else, my own very first client, and hopefully that will take place within the next couple of days and everything then should start from there. So I'm really happy about that. Thank you very much, Sam, and also thanks to the community as well for being there and helping me out with any questions and queries that I've had. It is a really good system and I really appreciate it. Thank you very much.