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  • Level: 5 Figures
  • Niche: Business Consulting
  • Location: Marlborough, MA, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Mitchell used the Consulting Accelerator to systemize his business and recommends those in consulting to join up and double their business in no time.


Hi. My name is Mitch Russo. I create multiple streams of recurring revenue from my clients through certification. When I first got Sam's program, I had a few clients and I was generating some revenue through my client calls, but it wasn't until I took Sam's program that I learned how to systematize the entire process. I found that his scripts were absolutely fantastic. I was able to close at a higher percentage using the scripts that I received with the program. I then built a webinar using the training, and the webinar turned out to be a great tool for me. That led to me building a website based on the webinar, and since then I've been generating double or triple the amount that I had been generating up until that point. My rates have gone up, my clients have signed on at a much higher pace now, and I'm able to close much better than I did before with the training that I got from Sam. I found the program to be an excellent value compared to other programs out there, and I found Sam's method of teaching and instruction to be very easy to understand. I love the fact that Sam himself is accessible and that the Facebook group is also very helpful as well. I enjoyed getting to know other members of the program and comparing notes, sharing our successes and our systems and how to do things together. I really recommend this. If you are a consultant or you're a coach and you want to grow your business, this is a great way to learn how to do it and to get started. I don't doubt that you will double the revenue that you're generating now just from being in this program, following along, and doing all the work. But you gotta do the work, okay? Great. Thanks.