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  • Level: 5 Figures
  • Niche: Small Business
  • Location: Van Nuys, CA, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Before the Consulting Accelerator, Jeff describes his business as trial and error and was finding it difficult to grow. During the program, he started realizing the foundational value in the program and was gaining momentum. He now has a consulting business doing 6-figures per year and is extremely confident.


My name is Jeff Coyle and this is my testimonial for Sam Ovens consulting program. So what was life like before? Life like before was trial and error. I did have a few clients, but in trying to grow the business or trying to determine my next steps, it was very difficult for me to determine what the next step was. I was doing what I thought I should do, but I was never quite sure if that was the right thing to do at the time. What was life like during? Life like during you start to realize not only that you're part of a larger community of people that are going through the same thing as you at the same time, but everything is built on a foundation of steps. So one step leads to another. As you go through the program, things start developing on the same foundational concepts. You get this momentum. Then what's life like after? Right now I've got so much confidence. I've got two clients right now and just between those two clients, I've got about $160,000 a year income. Really I know that my growth is up to me in my business. It's not up to anybody else. It's not up to chance, it's up to me. Lastly, would I recommend this course to anybody? Yes. Undoubtedly yes. Definitely anybody that wants to be a consultant and is not sure how to begin or needs a program to accelerate their learning curve, I would definitely recommend this program. Thank you.