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  • Location: Willowbrook, IL, United States
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Before working with Sam, Tom was struggling to capture new leads with his business. He applied the techniques he learned, and drastically increased the number of leads he is getting and increased his sales by 250%.


Hi, my name is Tom Kelly, I'm from Chicago. I've been using Sam's course for about three months now. Before I met or found Sam's course on Facebook I was struggling all the time trying to capture new clients, new leads for my business. Instead of starting a consulting job I actually implemented all of his techniques into my existing business and since then I've been able to drastically increase the amount of leads, quality leads that we are driving into the business and we are also converting a lot more of those leads now too. Our sales are up about 250% since implementing Sam's strategies, so it's been great. I have nothing but good things to say about Sam's course. Everything from how you just do your millionaire mindset to try and get your focus on what needs to be done to even the Facebook training, which can be a course all in its own. Well worth the money for that definitely. That has helped drive a ton of business to our site and to our business through Facebook and all the marketing and even the funnel that Sam trains you on, is next to none. It's great. Now our business has been growing leaps and bounds. It's been great. The best part about Sam's training is you can turn it on and off when you need it. We actually had to turn off our leads generation system because we didn't have enough manpower to follow up on all the leads that we were getting. It was great. Now we actually hired a few more employees. We turned the lead generation system and funnel back on so we're generating more leads, more money, more sales. It's been great. I have nothing but great things to say. I would definitely recommend Sam's training to anybody. Once again, it's not just for consulting. I can say firsthand. I'm putting this into my business and just to use as a lead generation system, so I think it's great. I can see it perfectly for a consulting business and starting one from scratch, but also for anybody that might be looking for just generating more leads for their current business and learning some Facebook advertising or lead generation or funnels. Sam's training is amazing. It's just great. I have nothing but great things to say about it. I would recommend Sam's training to anybody. is just an amazing tool so we definitely will use it as all of our marketing needs in the future. We actually stopped our old marketing methods and now we're only generating leads and sales through Sam's course and through his training that we've learned through his system. Once again, I have nothing but great things to say. Sam, thank you very much and I would recommend your system to anybody that we talk to. Thanks.