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  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Community Networking
  • Location: Palm Coast, FL, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Before the program, Rita was going through a rocky patch in her life. She is excited to work through the training and help others.


Hi, Rita , Palm Coast, Florida. Life before the program, it was pretty rocky. Husband had lost his job and we had relocated from Sarasota to Palm Coast and shortly after we got here I started working and that job lasted for about four months before the company closed its doors. Both of us kind of were floundering at that point and then shortly thereafter he got a job that was kind of less than what he was normally making so we were kind of in a panicky mode when we came across the program. I felt inspired and of course I purchased it thinking that maybe this could be the answer to our prayers. Shortly getting into the program, I realized that technically it was a bit over my head. I had been out of the corporate world for a number of years and technology had passed me by. Because I had support with the company I worked with where I had the IT department, I had employees to do things, I didn't have that support anymore, so it was very intimidating. I struggled with the program for a while and then I kinda put it to the side and ended up going on to some other things because were in such a survival mode. Since then, a lot of things have changed, so I was excited to see that there was another program going to be launched and because I'm in a better emotional and mental place, I'm looking forward to the new program. Life after the program, I'm not sure yet. I'm predicting a very good outcome because I am very optimistic and I do not feel so panicky at this point. Looking forward to it. Would I recommend this to another person? I feel like if they have the technical background and they're able to maneuver through that, absolutely. It seems like in the community there are people that it's really worked for so the support ... I know for me, working through this, it will allow me to help other people maybe with the same challenges or things like that but I'm looking forward to the new program. Thank you.