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  • Location: Los Angeles, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Modesto used Consulting Accelerator to improve his skills in sales and social media and has been able to make $3,000 already.


Hi, my name is Rodriguez. I'm from Los Angeles and I am a business consultant. I'm also ... I have been also an executive. And I'm now the dean of a business college. And you see, I did the consulting training by Sam Ovens because I found myself a little rusty in sales and also in social media concepts. I was a little old school and didn't know much about social media. But I'm very happy to have done so because I really learned a lot about sales with him, especially the use of the silence, in which he is a master. Sam is a master of this. And also, I learned a lot about social media. I now understand much better how to use it. And I'm looking forward for the next update in the training from Sam to learn even more about those two things and many more that are probably out there. And I'm looking forward to come back again and talk about the successes of my customers and how well the things are going. Thank you.