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  • Level: Making Money
  • Niche: Commercial Laundries
  • Location: Austria, Austria
  • Consulting Accelerator

Before Consulting Accelerator, Christian was coming out of bankruptcy and was starting a new consulting business. He has landed a few clients and has been servicing them, but is working on increasing his efficiency to land even more clients. He is confident he can now go out and hit his goal of € 10.000 per month. He recommends the program to others.


Hi, I'm Christian from Austria. I bought Consulting Accelerator back in January, 2019 and now it's March, 2019 so it's about eight weeks later. Before then, I had a bankruptcy two years ago and I had to start completely anew with my own consulting business. I had one client and then I was looking for another client and they've got a very nice contract right now, so I'm doing business for an international company and generating sales in Germany, Austria and Swiss, which is quite fine, but still I need to be more efficient to get clients, also want to provide to these clients consulting and therefore I bought the Consulting Accelerator myself and it helped me a lot, so it was a lot to do. For me of course, I didn't start from zero, so I had quite some experience in management and also consulting, but still it was a very, very good course and I've still not completed everything in the course. For instance, Facebook ads is still before me and I can recommend it. So every week of these six weeks course is very well done. There's much of content and even I, with my over 27 years experience in management, I have learnt quite a lot. And in some cases it's also back to the roots of old good habits that I have forgotten. And so it was a good program. And what's coming up next is that I prepare myself for the attack in April. So I will go out and into the whole market in the German speaking region, in my niche and contact the whole market. And I'm very confident that I will land at least five clients. And then I will update this video. So see you then.