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  • Level: 5 Figures
  • Niche: Start Ups
  • Location: St. Augustine, FL, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Before, Kaitlin had a vision of what she wanted to do and joined Consulting Accelerator looking for direction. During, she was able to lay a framework for where she wanted to go and has started aiming her consulting business towards the 6-figures. She totally recommends the course to others.


Hi. My name is . I chose to invest in myself about seven months ago and I joined a consulting community. Before I was a part of the consulting community, I had just an idea of what I wanted to do and a vision. Through the blueprint that Sam Ovens lays out as well as the self-improvement exercises that he has us do, it has literally projected me leaps and bounds, going from zero clients to today I actually cashed a deposit check for a little over 10 grand. I think just that in itself speaks volumes to what the Consulting Accelerator program can do for you. As I said before, I had very little direction, I just had an idea. During, I was able to self discover and to lay a proper groundwork on where I wanted to be professionally and also a little bit personally. Afterwards, like I said, it definitely put me into a place where I have a lot of confidence and I am able to ... Especially with the sales script, I put a little different spin on the sales script, so I think it's going to be different for everyone. But I think the biggest thing coming out of Sam Ovens' class is that he not only teaches you professionally and just being an entrepreneur and that mindset, he also goes into kind of a personal evaluation of yourself and also helping you set personal goals and how that should look. Would I recommend the course? Of course I would recommend the course. I'm looking forward to many more years of crazy success. Thank you, Sam Ovens.