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  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Small Businesses
  • Location: Mexico City, DF, Mexico
  • Consulting Accelerator

Bruno currently is a business consultant, a sales coach and online trainer. Initially he was reluctant to start because he is a busy person. However, he eventually did. The sales and mindset training are really phenomenal. The program has been able to get Bruno to move past himself and he highly recommends Consulting Accelerator.


Hello, everybody. My name is Bruno from Mexico City. I am a business consultant, a sales coach, and an online trainer for blue chip companies. I wanted to shoot this video in my home office as opposed to my work office or a weekend home or a nicer location because I wanted you to actually see that I do invest in myself. If I told you that anywhere else, you wouldn't see it, but you can see it behind me, all the materials that I go through and that I study often on a regular basis. There's a lot more online and digital as probably is your case, too. I was reluctant to invest in this program at first because I was very busy, and I do study a lot every day, so I said, "I don't have the time to do it." I did invest, and I have to say that Sam has an amazing mindset training and incredible sales training, and that alone has helped me thus far in the few weeks that I've been in the program to land better deals, book speaking engagements, which I didn't use to do before. The interesting thing is that he has helped me move beyond myself. I have made a friend of mine actually buy into the program because this is going to make you overcome yourself. You have limiting beliefs that are holding you back. Sam's going to take care of those in this program. Believe me. I have a perfectionist most of my life. That has held me back a lot. Now I'm very happy that I invested in this. I'm about to launch, and I know I'm going to have great results with this training. I do recommend it. Go invest in it and become a better person. Thank you.