5 Rating:
  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Small business
  • Location: Soda Springs, Idaho, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Lorraine had a desire to help businesses with her coaching services. She began going through the consulting accelerator, and has found that her questions were being answered and is now confident moving forward she will be able to create a successful consulting business.


Hi, my name is Lorraine Myers, and I am in Soda Springs, Idaho. I wanted to talk about my experience with the Sam Ovens consulting program. I have had a desire for quite some time to become a business coach. I really get excited about being able to discuss business situations with people. Came across the Sam Ovens program, and it looked like and sounded like that it would be a great benefit to get me started in this consulting business. I am just in the process now. I have not completed the whole program yet, but everything that I have a question about, "Okay, w-, well, how am I gonna do this?" Then what do you know? The next video that comes up is the answer to my question. I found that it's been very useful in being able to walk me from one stage to the next in what I need to do in order to set up a successful consulting practice.