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  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Identifying Products and Services for Small Businesses to Increase their bottomline
  • Location: Ontario, Canada
  • Consulting Accelerator

Ephrem is a true believer in the program and knows that by working through the program and taking action anybody can find success.


Hi my name is Ephraim Lewis, I live in Ontario, Canada. I'm retired but as most individuals who are retired there's still things that you want to do and you definitely need funds. Before this program the last two years I've been trying to find things online but very little success. However, when I was introduced Sam Ovens, one of the things I realized about his program is that it is well structured. It is structured in such a way that anyone with the intentions, or the desire to do something that is worthwhile and is willing to put the work in I believe it could be successful. And after hearing most of the individuals who have been on the program, I realize that with the right amount of time and the work and the effort that Sam puts in for each individual I believe is something that can be very successful for a person that is willing to do it. I cannot say much about my success at this time, but what I realize is that if I pursue this in the right way with the right help from some I know for a fact that I too will be able to give a testimony up in the high numbers as well. Whether I will share this information with individuals, I've already starting sharing this information. And I realize that most individuals who are willing to do this could be very successful, so I will recommend this to individuals. Same I really thank you and I believe the effort that you've already shown me in that you did everything and you're still doing everything possible to make me a believer, a real believer in your program. And I am a believer and with your help I know I can be very successful. Anybody who is willing to do this could do this and they too will be successful. Thank you Sam for everything.