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  • Niche: Real Estate
  • Location: Eagle, ID, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Before finding Consulting Accelerator, Lori was looking to get involved with coaching/consulting. She found the program very helpful for reaching her goals. After the program, Lori is building her consulting business and recommends others join the program.


Hi, my name is Laurie Wheeler, and I'm from Orlando, Florida, and this is a quick shout out to Sam Ovens to say a massive thank you, thank you for the Consulting Accelerator program. You know before this program, before I found it, I was having an extremely hard time trying to leave one profession and go into what my passion and desire was, that is, into consulting and coaching. When I found your program Sam, it was like the weight had been lifted and the sun was shining constantly, and what I mean by that is, there was a gap that I was not able to figure out how to fix, and through going through your program I was able to, not only piece it together, but I was able to create and have in existence now, a thriving consulting business. During this process following the modules, which the modules are extremely helpful, and I encourage anybody that hears this video, to heed my advice, which is to heed Sam's advice, which is, follow what he says to do. It works people, he is living proof, he is the real deal. At this point in time, for example, as he said, you can do this from any place, at any time, as long as you've got a laptop and a cell phone, and these days if you've got a great cell phone that may even need to be enough. I'm sitting outside a Starbucks, I'm in between appointments right now. Right now, I'm out in Boise, Idaho, as I have some clients out here, so again that goes to show you, you can do it any place, anytime. Life will not be the same, because it's always going to be better, it's going to be great, because I'm going to continue to follow Sam's program. I even go back and listen to modules over, even though I've listened to them a dozen times, and the reason for that is, is because that I still find a little nugget, something he said, something that maybe I missed the first time around. I strongly urge everybody to do what Sam says, which is follow the program. Put in the work, you will reap the benefit. I have already referred this program to many of my peers, and I will continue to do so, because I believe in the product, more importantly I believe in Sam. So thanks Sam, for changing my life, I am eternally grateful. Have a great day.