5 Rating:
  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Real Estate
  • Location: Auckland, North Island, New Zealand
  • Consulting Accelerator

Before the course, Gabriel was a real-estate agent that wanted to share his knowledge with the world. After coming across Sam and hearing his story Gabriel was blown away and decided to join. It also helped that he was a fellow countryman. Gabriel is still participating in the course and is thrilled to finish as he has already gained so much knowledge.


My name is Gabriel . I'm from Oakland, New Zealand. Look I've only just joined the program. So I'm just going through the step by step process. The process itself going through it with Sam and the team is just amazing. It's just so simple and so easy to go through. The videos are just really easy so thank you Sam and thank you to the team. Right before I stumbled across Sam ... I'm in the real estate game so ... I knew that at some stage I wanted to share my knowledge, share my passion with everyone from all around the world because the market is that big. And so I stumbled across Sam, who's also from Oakland, New Zealand, and his story is just ... Blew me away because everything he's said thus far has been so pinpoint accurate. It just ... I just thought you know this is a no brainer, a fellow person from my own country is doing so well then I've go to look at doing the same thing. So I definitely purchased this program and I would always always recommend that I've you're looking in to doing something of the same, like a consultative type style of business and distributing that all around the world then this could be the vehicle for you. I would highly recommend that you definitely give this one a shot. Have look at the program, get into the program. It's really really simple step by step. And hopefully, you know, if you put in a bit of effort you'll come away with the rewards. So ... That's coming from me. From here in Oakland ... To another person who's also from Oakland. So based on that, look I wish everyone out there the best of luck and I can't wait to get this program finished because I'm just so excited about the whole thing. See you later you guys. That's me. I'm out from Oakland, New Zealand. Gabriel.