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  • Location: Fairfax, VA, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Watkins chiseled away, followed the strategies inside Consulting Accelerator and started seeing compounding success. His confidence increased tremendously and he knows exactly what to do to grow his business. He highly suggests that everyone join the program.


Hi everybody. My name is Watkins Pierre. I'm from the northern Virginia area, near Washington D.C. The field I work in now is IT telecom industry and currently the industry is not very solid, not very strong. There are a lot of layoffs that are ongoing and it's really stressful to myself and my family. It's one of the top reasons I wanted to find another income source. In the beginning, once I joined the program, Sam's program, it was extremely exciting. It was nerveracking because consulting was something I had never done before. They way they laid out the plan, the way they laid out the program and made me realize that it was something I can succeed in if I followed the steps and I followed the strategies. In the beginning, I wasn't following the strategies and I wasn't seeing the success that I wanted to see, but along the way I realized that, listen, as I started following the strategies, the first simple strategies, I started seeing success. I had to go through the program, just like you do when you're at universities. You know, you have to go to these certain classes, you have to learn, you've got to put in the effort, you have to put in the time. That's four to five years. This is not going to take four to five years. I started putting the plan in action and once I started seeing the small success, I started seeing the larger success. As I continued during the program, I started seeing more success, more success and that grew my confidence. One my confidence started to grow, after the program is was just ... I was so excited I didn't even know what to do with myself. I couldn't control myself. Now I knew the steps that I needed to do and stay focused on those steps. Do nothing but those steps. The success after the program, it's been just incredible. I would highly suggest that everyone join this program. I've already referred my friends. It's the best plan I've ever seen and I'm so thankful to Sam and the coaches. Thank you.