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  • Level: Making Money
  • Niche: real estate
  • Location: Ciudad de Panam�, Panam�, Panama
  • Consulting Accelerator

Before Alex from Panama joined the program he had been doing a lot of things without any results. He went from zero to getting a niche to making his first $3000 with the program. Now, he knows he can do more and his confidence is through the roof.


Hello, I'm Alex , from Panama City, Panama. Before the program, was doing many, many things, with zero results. I was not sure about myself, what I could do with the skills that I have. So, I enjoyed the process of going through the program, especially focusing and learning about myself. I was going from zero to getting an inch, have a purpose, and have absolutely no fear. I did not for a second question myself again, mindset was something that helped me a lot. I think that's the part that I enjoyed the most, learning a little bit more about myself and what was required. And after the program, I have been unstoppable getting clients, but not only getting clients, but also the process of getting them is amazing. Now I really enjoy getting clients, talking to them. I was not fond of getting into the phone and speaking to them over the phone. Mindset changed that and I think that's the most important thing I learned with Sam. I recommend 100% for anyone doing consulting, or any type of business, to take this program. It will help you in many, many ways. Not only in consulting. So enjoy it. Start like a superstar, but live like a king.