5 Rating:
  • Level: 5 Figures
  • Niche: Real Estate
  • Location: Roxas, Isabela, Philippines
  • Consulting Accelerator

Terrence started working with Sam with no knowledge about digital marketing. He learned more than anybody in his network and was able to start entrepreneurship full-time. He now feels he has an edge in Consulting. He highly recommends the course and knows it will change lives.


Hi. My name is from Philippines and I would like to say thank you to Sam Ovens and his course about consulting. Way back 2014 when I first took his course, Consulting Blueprint, I didn't know anything about digital marketing. I didn't even know about Facebook, about Google ads, whatever it is, like SEO and stuff and through his course I was able to know more about digital marketing than any other people in my batch or in my group of friends and this enabled me to really become a full- entrepreneur using my cellphone and laptop. During the course the thing that really struck me the most is the mindset section. Like it shifted me from becoming an employee into becoming a really, really full- entrepreneur. And through this mindset course, you know, it shifted my mind to really look for the problems and the needs of my clients and be able to help them from where they are and to where they want to be, like the gap in between these two points, that's where I come in. And that really gave me this edge when it comes to consulting because at the end of the day it's about solving the problem of my clients. After the course I was able to really, really have this huge understanding about digital marketing and how I can help other companies and people and entrepreneurs when it comes to digital marketing and getting clients. I cannot thank Sam Ovens enough because through his course I was able to really, really earn a lot of money, like every month money comes into my bank account and that is, here in Philippines you can never have that kind of business here in Philippines you know like you can travel, you can have that freedom, I can have that money, that amount of money, more than what are the employees are earning here in Philippines. For me it's a blessing. It's really a grace for me from God. Sam Ovens has been given to me way back 2014, I can never thank Sam Ovens enough. And if you are really watching this right now and you are thinking about enrolling to Sam Ovens' consulting course, I would highly, highly recommend his course because it is a life changer for me and I know it will change your life too. Thank you.