5 Rating:
  • Level: 5 Figures
  • Niche: Real Estate Consultant of Golf Course Community Homes
  • Location: Minneapolis, MN , United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Tim used the program to become more effective in his business and has predictable income lined up after going through the program. He has been able to become more of a specialist post-Consulting Accelerator and he is reaping the rewards!


Hi, this is Tim Flaherty from Minneapolis, Minnesota. I'm a professional real estate consultant. My life before working with Sam and the Coaching Accelerator Program was spotty income, up and down, jagged edges of success, but after I was working with Sam and in the program, I was gaining confidence, gaining some skills. I was seeing the forest and not the trees. That's very important to recognize that I'm modeling a really successful consultant. I was able to really more define my niche in real estate, which is golf course community homes. I've been able to develop about $55,000 in expected income over the next 3 months and about $25,000 in income in the preceding 3 months. This has been very successful and very dollar productive for me. What I expect my life to be like after the program continues is an increasing net on an upward trajectory as I continue to go to the tools, the systems, and leveraging the tasks that I've learned from Sam. I would say for anyone that's interested in consulting as a business is they would define their niche inside the program and really work to hone their skills that Sam is giving them step by step, there's no room for any doubt because if you do the steps, you'll get the results. If you continue to work the results, you'll get even better results in the future. I'm Tim Flaherty. Thank you for your time.