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  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Real Estate
  • Location: Fort Collins, CO, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Chris joined the program looking for other ways to create income on the side from his job. Since joining he is continuously improving his mindset and has clients seeking him out for help in his area of expertise.


Hey guys, my name's Chris Parsons. I'm from Fort Collins, Colorado. I'm here to give you an overview of my journey through Sam Evans consulting program, and overall what I think about it. Before I started Sam's program, I was desperately looking for a way out of my job. For a profession out of college, I chose to be an inpatient RN in a hospital on the surgical floor. To be honest, it wasn't something I loved; but it was something that paid the bills. I was able to buy this house with it and get a pretty cool car, I guess. It was all right. What made me go to Sam's program was because I was looking for something that didn't require a lot of schooling, and something I could do part-time while working and paying the bills. That's exactly what it did. During Sam's program, I'll be honest, it was very difficult. Sam really talked about how the hardest part is your mindset and it absolutely is, guys. That's something I still have trouble with, and I'm working through every day. This is something that works. This is a skill that you're going to have for the rest of your life. You may not see dividends right away, but trust me, this changes things for you. Now, after Sam's program, like I said, I have a skill. People seek me out to help them do their digital marketing. My current niche is for real estate agents. I got to say, man, absolutely killing it. His program is great. What he teaches is solid. If you're someone who's willing to take a chance on yourself. If you're someone who's willing to work really hard and learn something new, this program's for you. You also have to be someone who's strong minded and able to work through the mental challenges that you're going to have, and the road blocks that you're going to have. This isn't an easy journey. Guys, I recommend it if you can do that. If not, maybe it's not for you, and that's okay. Just keep searching.