5 Rating:
  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Real Estate
  • Location: Lancaster, Lancashire, United Kingdom
  • Consulting Accelerator

Roxana knew before Accelerator that she wanted to pursue consulting. She believed that it was unobtainable and was losing hope. Roxana watched the webinar and was convinced and signed up immediately. She admits that she was skeptical at first, but slowly her eyes were opened. Now after the program her work ethic has changed. She is really excited and ready for the next step.


Hi. It's Roxanna here from Manchester in the UK and Sam Oven's training has changed my life entirely. Before the program, I knew I wanted to do consulting and I knew I wanted to work for myself, but it just seemed like such an unattainable thing and I was kind of losing hope a little bit. Funnily enough, I caught wind of the seminar, of this program, sorry, whilst I was on holiday and it was a webinar that Sam Ovens did. I signed up to the webinar, watched the webinar, and was a little bit convinced. I signed up straight away, actually, and started the program. Slowly, slowly ... Don't get me wrong, I was skeptical at first, but slowly, slowly, I really started opening my eyes to what is possible and what can be so close to me right now and after the program, my work ethic has changed and I just seem so closer than ever. I'm still halfway though the program, so I'm getting there slowly, slowly, but I have started sending some bulk emails out and I actually have two strategy sessions next week, which is super exciting, so watch this space. I am so ready for the next step and I'm ready for these strategy sessions to really turn into real clients. I would totally sign ... recommend this to anybody, because if you think you have no chance, this program is for you, because after this program, it is literally for everybody, and you can make it work and you can become successful with this program, so just get it.