4 Rating:
  • Level: 5 Figures
  • Niche: Real Estate
  • Location: Houston, TX, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Tarek was looking for more flexibility in his life. After going through the Consulting Accelerator he used the principles he learned to start landing high-value clients and is working on growing his consulting business. He has also been able to leave his job.


Hey guys, my name is Eric and I'm from a combination of New YorK and Texas. I just want to give a testimonial about the Consulting Accelerator program and working with Sam Ovens. Prior to joining the course, I was working a corporate job and, it was a very good one in fact and it gave me a lot of opportunities that I am very grateful for. But, it still made me dependent on an employer and I could not have all the flexibility in life and the upper limits of financial targets that I wanted to reach. So I joined the course and I actually turbo'd through the course. all six within one weeks time, to kind of just see what was out there. But I went back and I finished one week at a time, in terms of the action items that was necessary. Since then, my niche that I targeted was not very successful but I used the principles that I learned in the course to go out and talk to people face-to-face in my local area and I landed two clients in different industries. I think that's kind of what, what I value the most of the course, is really the psychology aspect associated with it. You learn a lot, you can leverage that in your day-to-day conversations as well as your sales conversations. That's what I would maybe point out the most, I definitely recommend the program, but just with the caveat that it will take work. It's not an over-night success thing. If you hit those right pain points, and you can definitely make a ton of money in this, and I think I have things set up to where, hopefully in the near future I will be more successful then I aimed before. Now, life is good. I've since left my job and focusing on this as well as other investments and ventures that I have. But I want to actually focus more time on this and see if I can really scale this up to be a much more beneficial and exciting king of endeavor. So, best of luck and I hope you have as good of luck or better than I have.