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  • Level: Making Money
  • Niche: Property
  • Location: Mitcham , Surrey, United Kingdom
  • Consulting Accelerator

Before the Accelerator program Elizabeth had very limited knowledge in regards to online marketing. During the program Elizabeth learned a heap about mindset, Facebook advertising and sales which has enabled her to obtain multiple reoccurring clients paying over $1500/ month.


Hi, I'm Elizabeth from London, and before I took the Consulting Accelerator I had no idea how to be a marketing consultant, how to do marketing, how to approach people, and how to do online marketing. So I was really lost, but it was the first ever course that really showed me how. During actually taking the course, I learned so much about mindset, about wealth, about defining my goals, about Facebook ads, doing it properly, making sure that my research, understanding about the client was up to par and making sure that my ads reflected that, and it was so important. Sam really cares and really emphasized about how ads should be and how it should reflect the problem's need, the transformation that anyone should have, so after, I've had clients at least paying me at least 1,500 pounds a month. And I'm just so happy that I have so much understanding about Facebook ads. Most important thing about this is it's that now I can do marketing for my own company, my own work, my own businesses, and I'm seeing a profitable ROI, so I'm so thankful for the Consulting Accelerator for teaching me how to be a consultant.