5 Rating:
  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Real Estate
  • Location: EDMONTON, Canada
  • Consulting Accelerator

Before the Consulting Accelerator Soloman was a residential real estate agent and was looking to start and fund his daycare consulting business. After going through the program and experimenting with his initial niche, he learned a lot of help insights to identify he needed to make a pivot with his business and is now ready to launch his 30 day attack and aims to replace his six-figure income with his business. He highly recommend the program for others.


Hi, my name is Solomon Davis. I'm from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. I've been a student, a consultant, accelerator, for the last 14 months. I love the program. It's been a journey. I have not been able to launch my business because I had to do a lot of homework, a lot of research. Before the program, I was basically a residential real estate agent, dabbling in the sale of daycare, which is a business brokerage. When I joined the program, I aimed ... my first research was a form of daycare consultancy. I got really deep into it, but what I ended up finding out was the pain and challenges of that industry was quite different from real estate. A lot of it had to do with trust. In other words, you have to build trust, authority, have results, before you can be taken seriously for what I wanted to do. So I felt that it would take much longer to get to the point where I become the consultant in the daycare field. While going through my research, I realized that as a realtor of almost two decades of experience, I resonated quite with the real estate audience. That's my audience, that's my market. Because I had developed my consultancy into a business brokerage selling daycare, I had decided to see how I can teach, help other realtors to become successful in selling businesses. After doing my niche research, I realized that the field of business brokerage training for real estate agents was non-existent. So I picked that as a niche. It's kind of a new market for me, a lot of challenges. But the program really offered clarity, offered mindset training that helped me to be in the mindset to be able to make this possible. This being May 30th, 2019, by next week I'm going to be launching my of attack with the goal of making multiple six figures. I'm already making multiple six figures as a realtor, so I want to be able to replace that so that I can do a business for anywhere, live anywhere, live the lifestyle I want. That's the reason I'm doing this. I love the program. Lots of good training. I highly recommend this program to anybody who interested in it. What the bigger tick-tick that I got out of this is a clarity, a sense of purpose. Of understanding what a niche is. I recommend this program highly to anyone.