5 Rating:
  • Level: 5 Figures
  • Niche: Property
  • Location: Auburn, NSW, Australia
  • Consulting Accelerator

Sean has seen himself getting referrals from clients way quicker due to him positioning himself as an expert in his niche. He is also attracting new clients to come and discuss working together and is looking forward to scaling things up big time.


Hi Sam, this is Shaun from Sydney. I've been doing your program for about one ... a year now. I've had some stop and go's out there. I work in the property sector. Done really well. One of the things that really stands out for me is your niche. Even though I'm in property, it's surprising how important a niche can be in being able to work smarter and not harder. I realized that I've been able to get clients quicker and get more referrals from clients much quicker than I've ever been. In the past I used to go and just basically look for any type of client that was coming in, but now with the niche, I'm able to hone it down to specific people and I'm getting those quicker because they can see that I am actually an expert in the field that they are working in. I'm just about to go and do some work on web optimizations in getting people to look at videos, like you suggest, but for someone in a services industry, in a product industry like I am, the niche has been an absolute game changer for me. Just the other day I had two CEOs of large companies in Australia come, and I've never had CEOs of that quality or caliber of people who can make decisions so quickly come to my office to work with me ever before, so thank you so much for that. In terms of my numbers, my numbers look fantastic. I am still crunching out the numbers right now and I'll hopefully be able to get you some better results in maybe about a month's time, but so far, the niche has worked beautifully for me. Thanks, bye.