5 Rating:
  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Real Estate
  • Location: Atlanta, GA, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Before working with Sam, Jay was feeling lost. During his time in the Consulting Accelerator he was absolutely blown away. After going through the program, he now knows exactly what he needs to do and is confident his actions will make revenue.


Hey guys. My name is Jay Armstead. I'm based out of Atlanta, Georgia. Before working with Sam Ovens I was really confused about the direction I was gonna take next in life as a marketing and finance major, really was having trouble getting into a job where I felt comfortable and happy with. During my process of working with Sam, I was really blown away. The things that he had, the support, the examples, the way that he was able to articulate his experiences and give them to other people was amazing. For me that was one of the most valuable parts. After working with Sam, I have the exact plan I need to get where I wanna go next. I wanna know exactly what I need to do. It's not a question of if it's possible, what is possible. Hell, a lot of the times we don't even know what's possible. Why? Because we never know how to really give our full effort in the places we need to give it. Sam shows you exactly how to do that. Shows you how to put and take actions that are going to generate profit, revenue. That's what it is at the end of the day. You get into business to make money and to help. Sam shows you how to do both. I appreciate that. I gained a lot. I've helped other people, guided them. People now call me all the time asking for help. Hell, I have to recommend, tell them it's Sam. I appreciate everything that he's done. I appreciate you, Sam. If you haven't joined the scores, definitely should. I recommend it 110%. Thanks.