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  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: REAL ESTATE
  • Location: Edmondson Park, NSW, Australia
  • Consulting Accelerator

Before joining Consulting Accelerator, Jack was feeling lost. He joined the program and has started learning amazing things to prime himself for success. He strongly recommends the program to all of his friends and family who are looking to be consultants or entrepreneurs.


Hi, my name is Jack . I'm from Sydney. Today, I'm going to talk about during, before, and after I sign up for Sam Oven's program. Before I sign up, I got no idea, and I'm just lost, how to become successful, and how to earn more money. I find out a lot of things on the internet, how to become millionaire, how to earn more, how to earn six figures, but I have no idea what to do, how to start. Then I find out about Sam's course. I signed up, and then I start learning amazing things. Week one, week two, is about mindset training. This is where you train your mind, your brain, complete to a whole new level. Week three, week four, is about how do you get clients from free methods, and from Facebook, for instance, how to create from those, and how to create your company in order to get clients, on demand, and on . This program is amazing, super amazing, I can say. It's a completely life-changing program. All the notes and all everything, details in there, Sam's put a lot of work on there. Thank you, Sam, so much, for just creating an amazing program, not for everyone, not want to change life. This is a program where you need to learn, and a program that I strongly recommend to all my friends and family want to do consulting or want to be a entrepreneur. This is amazing. Thank you, Sam, again, and thank you, his team, for creating this program.