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  • Level: Making Money
  • Niche: Real Estate
  • Location: Costa Mesa, CA, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Before joining the Accelerator program, Corey wanted to get awesome results for himself. He has only completed 2 weeks of the program and is excited to get back into working through the program. His confidence is off the roof when he uses the sales script and he is the top salesmen t the company he works for in just 8 months.


My name is and I am from Newport Beach, California. I signed up for Sam's program back in November of last year. I had so much stuff on my plate that I just wanted to spend the money as I see so many results are coming in. I say if you work hard, you do the work and you put in the hours anything can happen. Anything is possible when you do the work. I have not been able to do the program as much as I'd want to. I've only done it for two weeks of the program. I will be starting the program back up in about a month ago. A lot of family stuff going on and usually you have to take care of family first. I am very excited to start this program. I know it has helped a lot of people. One thing it has helped in this last six months of me not doing the program is with sales skills. My confidence is completely off the roof when I talk to people. The sales million dollar script that he talks about is class. Live by it. Read it daily. Put your goals down and do everything you can. My life after the accelerator program has changed. I am top salesman of the year for a company that I actually have only been at for eight months. I look forward to starting this 2.0 accelerator program and I look forward to changing my life for the better now that I have the time to do so. I will recommend this to all my friends and I have recommended it to a couple of my friends. My roommate listens to me every night on the consultant accelerator program and knows that everything that you say Sam, is class. Everything you say is so true and the best thing about your program is people can relate. And when people can relate lives change. And when lives change they change for the better not for the worst. Take one step forward not one step back.