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  • Location: New Westminster, BC, Canada
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Corey highly recommends Sam's trainings and has seen the value inside. He is committed to getting on track and living the dream life he desires working from a beach helping others with their marketing and websites.


Hey everyone. My name is Corey Regan from Vancouver, Canada and I'd like to take a moment to talk to you about Sam's program. I've gone through a couple of them now and I guess I'm going to start with where I started off from. When I started the second program Sam ever launched, I was working for a metal manufacturing company and ... Hi kitty. I was just doing basic data entry getting paid 15 bucks an hour, nothing glorious, but I used that job to pay off one of my credit cards, which had a $5,000 limit. It took me almost a year to do it. I was not getting paid much, had a shit lifestyle and I was looking for something better. So saved some pennies and got Sam's course. Back then he was preaching out sending out lumpy mailers, awesome form of marketing. Definitely gets people's attention, but there's a lot of labor involved with it and I quickly realized that. Wasn't getting the kind of response that I wanted so I stopped that, but then Sam released a couple other courses mostly revolved around inbound marketing and some other outbound marketing methods. I went through those courses. Started utilizing the techniques that were taught, but still didn't quite get the results I was looking for. I wasn't able to get any customers with that method, with those methods. Was able to get some side gigs, but not quite what I was trying to advertise for. My life right now is kind of the same. It's more like I've climbed a little bit on the corporate ladder at a different job doing some IT work, getting paid more but it's not what I want. I want to be able to work from a beach using nothing but my laptop, helping people with their websites and their digital marketing and I'm really looking to do that. What I will say is you will get in return the amount of work that you put in. I will admit that I did not stick through the actual doing parts of it for long enough to reap the rewards that I desire. I am looking to change that. I am at a point in my life now where enough is enough. I want to get my shit together and I want to do this for real. Everything that Sam has taught is great. Honestly the content is fabulous. I've learned a lot. It makes sense. There's a lot to help people with mindset and I haven't seen anything like these courses online offered by anybody else. Honestly would recommend it even though I haven't personally had much success with it. I've been in this community for a few years now and I've watched countless people go from nothing to riches, wild success, living the lives that they want. I think it's time for me to achieve the same.