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Jill is very glad she purchased Consulting Accelerator. She recommends others invest in the training program.


Hi, I'm Jill , and I bought Sam's Program, gosh, a little less than a year ago. And I have to say, it was one of the best investments that I had made in my life from a personal development standpoint, and a career development standpoint. I was probably one of the unique people, I did not purchase the program specifically for the online marketing or consulting aspects. I am in the consulting world in my personal career, but I knew that Sam understood some of the challenges. I listened to his life story, I listened to where he was five years ago and where he is today, and he leveraged these same principles to get out of his own way and to help him be successful. And he wants to be able to share these with the world and have people have the equivalent amount of success that he has had. And by that alone, I bought the program, it was a huge leap of faith and I, like I said, I am glad that I did. Sam is somebody who speaks directly to you in a very raw fashion, he will hit you between the eyes and he'll tell you exactly what you want to hear. Maybe not what you want to hear, but he'll tell you what you need to hear. He will help you visualize where you want to be, who you want to be, what you want your personal brand to be, where you want your career to be, what kind of car you want to drive, what kind of house you want to live in. He will help figure out how to achieve those things with a very simple step. They sound so simple when I say them or tell other people about them, but they're hard, it's hard to get out of your own way. One of the things that I was doing that Sam has helped me realize, is just not going to get me anywhere, is waiting for things to be perfect. I wanted the stars to be aligned, I wanted it to be the perfect time, the perfect opportunity, the perfect scenario, and to be honest, that's never gonna happen, and he's helped me realize that. It's not as if Sam woke up one day and had a really good idea and said, "Hey, I'm gonna write a lot of modules and create a lot of videos, and make a lot of money off of this, and because I think it's gonna work." It's something that he did a significant amount of personal research, he's put a lot of his own money, invested what he's earned, back into these programs to help them be better, and expand them even further. Which is what he's done with the mindset in the , I have a hard time wrapping my head around it being any better than it already is, but apparently he's done that. And I've seen a lot of people in the Facebook Group that I'm a part of, achieve a significant amount of success just by following Sam's Program. The mindset has been huge for everybody. Nothing we do in life can be our best unless we have the right mindset about it and he will help you figure that out. So I would say for that alone, purchase the program, you will not regret it, I haven't and I wish you success.