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  • Level: 5 Figures
  • Niche: Aviation
  • Location: Masterton, New Zealand
  • Consulting Accelerator

Scott had a good government job in New Zealand. But it wasn't fulfilling. Watch him explain how he was able to spend more time with his kids and flying planes.


Scott McKenzie here from New Zealand, before I joined the Sam Ovens program I was in a government job, which I really enjoyed, but I felt that I was reaching the end of my time and I wanted to do something a little bit more for myself and for my family. Then at the moment I'm on the middle of the program and I'm finding that the Sam Ovens accelerated consulting program has given me some excellent skills, it's laying out everything in a really clear and concise fashion and I can see that the benefits that are in the program I'm already applying into my current business. What I find now is that the time that I have I have a lot more time for my family and I have a lot more time for doing the things that I really enjoy and the Sam Ovens program gave me the confidence to make the split and move my family and myself into an area that we love and allows me to do and fly some of these things that are behind my in the background. Thanks Sam Ovens, I really appreciate it and I thoroughly recommend it to anyone who's looking at doing any sort of consulting, whether it be something that they know about or something that they don't know about, the Sam Ovens program gives you these skills that you require to do it. Hey thanks Sam and all the best to everyone.