5 Rating:
  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Pentecostal Lead Pastors
  • Location: ROYAL PALM BEACH, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Before Consulting Accelerator, Daniel describes his business as hap-hazard. During the program, he found it to contain information he never expected and says the program was life-changing. He now feels powerful to accomplish his goals. He highly recommends the program.


Hello everyone, this is Daniel Gabriel, coming to you from sunny South Florida. And, this is my testimonial for the consulting accelerator Sam Ovens. And the way it was before with my own little consulting business, it was extraordinarily haphazard. However, with me purchasing and doing this program, well, during the program, and this is what I wanna attempt to get across is that it was nothing that I would ever even expect as far as this learning program, this teaching program, learning program because it was just seismic. If I were to say it's life changing, I mean, don't even take that lightly. It is almost incomprehensible how to explain the value of this program. And if you let it, how life changing it can be for you in every single area of your life. It is unreal. And now, and now, I'm just powerful. And unstoppable. It is absolutely amazing. I highly recommend this course. At first I thought, "Do I really wanna recommend this? Do I really want other people like this, competing with me?" But that's not at all. That's not at all what it is. Once you have your focus, once you have it dialed and exactly what your business is and who it's for, then you can have many, many, many others in your area, using the same material and it's not gonna affect you. Not in the least. Highly recommend it. Sam Ovens, you are a brilliant young man. One day we'll meet and I can shake your hands at that point in time. Thank you so much for the sacrifice that you put for this program. And the world's open, the world is wide open. It is a gargantuan blessing to me and my family. Thank you Sam Ovens, we'll meet soon enough. And everyone, God bless. Good bye.