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  • Location: Brussels, Ixelles, Belgium
  • Consulting Accelerator

Before starting Consulting Accelerator Igor was working at a job he disliked and was feeling down. He joined the program and has been able to rewire his mind, move locations with his girlfriend and open up more opportunities in his life by tripling his income with little effort. He recommends the program to others looking to put in the work and change their lives.


Hello. My name is from Slovenia, and this is my experience with the Sam Oven's program. Before I start with it, I worked a dead-end job with lots of manual labor, and that led to personal issues: depression, and a lot of wishful thinking that didn't get me anywhere. Right when I was started, I was a bit skeptic as to what this program is, actually. It will teach me how to be a consultant. What I didn't know is it would rewire my mind with the mindset training like you wouldn't believe. The mindset training is both tremendous, and a bit scary, because at first, you have an identity crisis, and then, when you get over all that, and see that you need to move forward with everything, and not to dwell on failure, it's worth the price of admission alone. Since I started with the program, me and my girlfriend moved from Slovenia to Belgium. It offers tons more opportunity and everything, because of it's so big ... well, bigger. I managed to triple my annual salary with practically no effort just by applying what I learned. I've filed all the paperwork for my own consulting company, and for the first time in my life, I actually have my own office. Would I recommend the program? Yeah, definitely, but it's not for people that want to make a quick buck. You need to work and apply what you learn. But, that said, get your head in the game, and you'll grow more, both personally and professionally. You should definitely make the investment, because if you won't invest into yourself, nobody else will. Take care.