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  • Consulting Accelerator

Carrie has used the Consulting Accelerator, to triple her income and has seen a great response from her clients after displaying the methods she has learned from Sam.


Hi. My name is Karen Yui and I'm from Hong Kong. I am one of the student in Sam Ovens' consulting program. There's two brilliant points which I benefit from this program. The first one is I'm from service provider to become a real consultant. Before the training I work in digital marketing around one year. After training, that totally changed my life because it tripled my monthly income. The second point is the sales technique and also how to deal with the clients, which benefit me. I remember that I met my world class doctor client. He is 82 years old because he's a world class doctor. So, he worked with many, many world class market agency. But he comment say, "Carrie you are the only one, the first one that really impress me because you understand me a lot." Actually, I'm not really knowledgeable and I don't know why he has such response. After a while I think about a process which I talk with him. I remember I applied three principles that Sam offered strategy about. One point that impressed him is about silence. Because when I asked the questions I then stop and silence, I let him answer. That really impressed my client. Before that he was a prospect, right now he is my client as well. Right now I can work with those world class clients. I have confidence to deal with him and also provide them a really amazing result. I highly recommend those of you if you are a service provider, but you want to be a real professional consultant, join Sam Ovens consulting program.