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  • Location: Shaker Heights, OH, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Before William found the program, he was growing tired of his job and wanted to start a business on his own. He was amazed with the simplicity of the program and got a ton of value from the mindset training. He encourages anybody thinking about joining to do it and join Consulting Accelerator.


Hey everybody, this is William Grant from Cleveland, Ohio. I'd like to take a couple of moments and share some thoughts about Sam's Consulting Accelerator Program. Before I found the program, I was working a software development job at a large corporation and I was growing tired of that position because I wanted to just branch out and do my own thing. But, like many of us, probably like you watching this video, I didn't know how. I didn't know what to do. I didn't know where to start. I didn't know how to think. There's a thousand questions that you have about running your own business. When I'm going through the program, I was amazed at how Sam made it seem so simple. Every single one of those questions that I had is answered in that program. How do you find your market? How do you find clients? It's easy, there's a science to it. You follow the steps that Sam lays out, go through the worksheets. You do the exercises and you get clients. It's amazing. One of the things that wasn't advertised about the program that I found particularly amazing in it, is that he has a large section that goes through how to be a successful person, when it comes to your mindset of being successful. That was really the part that challenged me the most about this program, is that in order to be a successful business owner, I have to be the kind of person that I want my clients to be to me. I have to treat businesses like I want clients to treat me. Honestly, I am still working through that right now because I realized there's quite a few things about myself that I'm not the ideal client. Sam, I just have to say after having gone through this program, you totally changed my life. For that, I'm extremely grateful and I would say to anybody who's considering purchasing this program, do it. It is a small investment that will reap humongous rewards in your life. Shout out to Sam for putting such an amazing program together. Thank you Sam, you're awesome and I'm excited to see whoever is watching this in the Facebook groups or however it is that we keep in touch with each over time. All right. See you guys later. Bye.