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  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Engineering
  • Location: Lakewood, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Manny joined Consulting Accelerator and was impressed to find the information and strategies provided in the program were more valuable than his entire engineering degree as he describes it.


Hi, this is Many with Not Waiting to Live and in this video, I'm going to review the Sam Ovens consulting accelerator program. In January 2019 I purchased Sam's program and I'm going to review my results from the context of my own life. I'm not a millionaire and Sam didn't give me a magic pill to start a six figure business, but what he did do is he gave me some lessons that I can honestly say I'm going to take with me for the rest of my life, and I'm 100% confident that what I learned in the six week consulting accelerator program is more valuable than my engineering degree. When you get through the free trial and you start to see that, okay, this guy is who he says he is and these lessons that he teaches are what he says is, and he thinks logically and scientifically. This isn't just some, some bum. I mean he, it's remarkable that he was able to come to reach some of the conclusions that he has about the world. But I was very impressed and I decided to move forward. And what I can take away from that six week course is really a tool set to test out markets quickly without money, freely and effectively based on strategy that's laid out. I mean, the guy gives you a step by step, day by day, how to take a 30 day attack on a problem. And the reality is that it might not work. I mean, I pursued a couple of niches that haven't gained traction, but I'm not really discouraged by that because the process is repeatable and you can apply to any number of possibilities.