4 Rating:
  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Manpower Supply
  • Location: Colombo, SriLanka
  • Consulting Accelerator

Mohamed has used Consulting Accelerator to gain clarity and structure for creating his business.


Hi I am Mohammed Zubail from Sri Lanka. The consultant of the program is awesome. Before I sign up for this program I was nowhere with an idea how to check out the business. Sam's systematic teaching made me more confident now to set up and run my business. I gain more and more confidence now. I have seen everything now positive. The program is all about positivity. In I am thinking positively. The guidance and teaching given in this program there is no match for it, very valuable. To tell you the fact I had a problem searching a niche for some time before I joined the program. Sam's systematic methodology of selecting a niche was made easy for me, I like it. With the guidance now I was able to pick niche within the knowledge and experience I have. Thank you Sam. Now I am sure very soon I a going to be a businessman that will be making profitable money for me. This experience I am gaining now will be still for me in the future. I like this program to be given to many others who I know this will also benefit. My desire is to become a consultant following the teaching and experience of Sam. I thank Sam for it. In the meantime I would like to wish my colleagues in this program for best future to come. Thank you very much.