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  • Level: Making Money
  • Niche: Other
  • Location: Pincourt, QC, Canada
  • Consulting Accelerator

Maxime was looking for an opportunity to channel his entrepreneurial spirit. Using the consulting accelerator, he now is in negotiations to land a $4,000/month deal for 1 client and is excited to close and start growing his business.


Hey guys, what's up. My name is , from Montreal. Before I was in Sam's program, I was actually looking for an opportunity, just a business program, because I have an entrepreneurial spirit, been looking to join a multi-level marketing. I love them. It just it's nothing that really inspired me to keep on doing. So, I was looking for different ways. I even spent $10,000 on some classes to become a real estate investor, but eventually turned it down when I saw Sam Ovens' class. To be honest, it's something that I'm really happy to have found because the word "entrepreneur," in my family, used to be taboo, where it meant you were somebody that was unemployed and didn't have any job and were looking, almost like somebody that was in the streets. Ever since I started the program, during the course, it's complicated. It's a lot of information. It's in depth. You just have to go through the steps. You're going to have to go through them one by one, digest everything you read, put it into practice, or just apply it. When you're going to be done the entire program, you will see that you have so much accomplished, and you're ready to face the world. After the program, what happened to me is that I've tried to contact some people in my niche and actually found a client. I'm currently negotiating a contract with them for $4,000. I can't wait to get it done because there's a lot of work being done on my part, but I'm really happy about it. I'm actually combining two of the stuff I like, which is psychology and solving puzzles. I've found it's exactly what I'm looking for. If I happen to recommend a program to somebody, I would definitely do it. Even if it's not in marketing that you want to do it, at least know your target audience, know the people you're going to contact. You're going to find out more about the clients. You need to be very prepared when you're going to find the people that you want to help out in marketing, whether it's coaching, or just anything. You'll have so much stuff to ... You'll be very ready when you're going to face those clients of yours. It's going to be much more impressive. I'll see you around, guys, and hopefully, you have as good as experience as I have had. All right, take care.