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  • Level: 5 Figures
  • Niche: Military Advisor
  • Location: AZ, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Meet Troy from Arizona. Some of our students aren't just working as freelance consultants. You can keep your job and make this program work for you. Watch him explain how he started making an additional $25,000 a year simply based on how he negotiated his salary with the help of the program.


Hello everyone. My name's Troy Ham and I live in Arizona. Since I began the training a while ago I want to start by saying I haven't made any money on my own. Take that back, I haven't been consulting on my own as in starting a consulting business and making money that way. With the training I have taken my current skillset, which I didn't realize before the training, that I was a consultant, and I have been since my time in the military, and even now as a civilian working for the military. With that, that's a testament to Sam for having the light bulb go off in my head and me understand that I am a consultant and I really do have a service that can help someone else. As I mentioned, I haven't made any money opening my own business on my own, but again, a testament to Sam, I decided eight months ago that I was going to move to Arizona for another job opportunity that was pretty lateral to what I was doing but a lot more in conjunction with my lifestyle and how I choose to live that. It's really exciting because I am making about 25,000 more dollars a year simply based off of how I negotiated my salary. It's pretty amazing considering I'm a really impatient person and most aspects of my life I still really am. Professionally this has helped me tremendously because I didn't understand or really appreciate silence and what that can do when you're trying to negotiate with someone else and just really having someone tell you what they need instead of you trying to tell them what they need. I really feel that's an invaluable nugget that, again, is a testament to Sam. With that, I'm really excited for the new rollout of the training and I just really can't wait to get started.