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  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Other
  • Location: Exeter, Devon, United Kingdom
  • Consulting Accelerator

James has been working with Consulting Accelerator in addition to his Master's degree and is excited to start working through the program a bit more and create a hybrid consulting business using his knowledge to serve his local county.


Hey, it's James from the UK. I'm in Exeter. I saw Sams' course via Tai Lopez's emails that I've been receiving for some time now. Didn't think Tai's social media marketing course would be appropriate but when I saw Sam's consulting course I wanted to go for it. I did ask a few questions about what it would entail and did some reading into the syllabus, if you like, about what would be covered during it. It really appealed to me because I'm looking to get out of the job that I'm currently in and would like to take some of the skills that I've gained there and my interest in energy saving, because I'm also doing a master's degree in renewable energy development, to come together and create a plan for a consulting business that I'd like to eventually set up and look to do that locally in my county and see how I get on with that. I'm looking forward to getting into the course material. It looks very inspiring. Yeah, I'm excited to get that started. It will be after I do my masters. That's to be finished by September this year so I'll be able to get into the material after that. Yeah, I'm looking forward to getting into it. Thanks for putting it together, Sam and the team. Okay, bye.