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5 Rating:
  • Level: Starting
  • Niche: Drones
  • Location: Seattle Washington, United States
  • Consulting Accelerator

Chris is excited to continue growing, learning and developing the skills to run his own business.


Hi everyone. This is Chris Bane from Seattle, Washington. I'm here to just give you a preview of my experience thus far with the Sam Ovens Training Program. Now, I'm only about four weeks into the program, so I'm more fresh into the experience. I have not yet launched my own business, so that gives you bit of a picture as to where I'm at. I can tell you that before the training program I've tried other business opportunities, primarily network marketing in which I found a lot of empty promises and not a lot of action behind what was told to me and again what was promised to me. What I found so far with the Sam Ovens Training Program is just the opposite. Sam's level of mastery and expertise on the topic of consulting is evident as soon as you jump into the program. Thus far with the training that I've done, I would say that just the topics of mindset and sales training have been life changing already and completely worth every single penny that I've invested on this program. In fact, since getting started my last month at my job in sales I actually closed almost 25% more business than I've closed every month up to this point. I think it's clearly evident that this stuff works and I couldn't be more excited to continue learning and growing, launch my own business, and become a consultant. Thank you Sam so much for creating this program. I couldn't be more grateful and I'm really excited to continue to crush it and to continue to grow and build my business. Thank you.