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You can have all the money in the world...but if you're not doing what you were put on this earth to it worth it? Bronsen figured out something not a lot of people have. Watch him explain how he from working as a server in a restaurant to modeling in London and trying to start his own consulting business.


Hello, my name is Bronson and I'm from California, but I'm currently in London, England. I want to tell you about life before I purchased Sam Ovens' consultant program. I was working in a restaurant and I had saved up about $1,600 and the deadline to purchase the program for the cheaper price was that night and I needed 400 more dollars. I worked the tables and I got as many tips as I could, but I still didn't make enough money. I went to my bank account and I noticed that a check had cleared that I had deposited before and it pushed me over the limit. Literally, I had like 2,000 and change. That night at like 11:50 before the deadline at 12 midnight I paid the pro for the program, and literally all my money went down to like a dollar and 47 cents. You would think I would be nervous about that, but I really wasn't. When I purchased it I felt this feeling of freedom. I felt like I had just purchased my freedom, that I wouldn't have to work the day to day job. That was a year ago today. During the course, I realized that Sam, just like the videos before, is really legit and honest, and when he tells you that his program is gonna help you, it definitely, definitely will. I can see that. I'm still not completely through the program, so I can't talk about the after, but I know that when I get through the program and when I'm getting on the other side I know that the program will be very, very helpful for me. I totally would recommend this to anyone who wants to be a consultant. Right now I'm following another passion of mine, which is modeling internationally, and that's going really well, and so I figure I'm just working on my consulting business and doing that good. But I totally would recommend this to anyone who really wants to be a consultant. Thanks Sam Ovens. Talk to you later. Bye.