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  • Level: Starting
  • Location: Mexicali , Mexico
  • Consulting Accelerator

Oscar has spent his entire career in politics and was looking for a career change. With a desire to dedicate himself toward helping others, Oscar decided to enter the consulting realm, however, immediately found himself lacking the guidance and direction. He is now excited to have all the tools and information at his finger tips to scale his business and recommends all aspiring consultants to join the program.


Hi, I am Oscar from Mexicali in Mexico. I am so happy to be participating in Sam Ovens' program. I have been involved all my life in politics, in public service, and I been looking for a career change. I want to put all the information, all the knowledge that I have to work for the good of others, and as I was thinking about putting together my consulting firm, I was a little bit lost on how to do it. Now, with Sam Ovens' program, I have all the tools, all the information, but most of all, all the enthusiasm that I need to do it. So thank you very much. I really recommend all of you to participate in this program. Consulting is a great career opportunity, and with Sam Ovens' program, you will have a great success in it. Thank you very much.